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Amy Javens
Friday, June 19, 2015

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  1. Finish Lines
    28 Nov, 2017
    Finish Lines
    Finish lines are personal.  To each and every one of us, we all have stories that are to be celebrated at a finish line.  Whether an athlete crosses first with banners, or athletes who cross last, there is always something symbolic about them.  They ARE a big deal, not just to the spectator, but to the athlete, who celebrates something sacred, that only he or she can own.  A journey that started with a first step, lots of growth, failures, and ends with bang.   Finish lines are to be respected
  2. 2017 Ironman Los Cabos Race Reflection
    17 Nov, 2017
    2017 Ironman Los Cabos Race Reflection
    The 2017 season was one of patience.  Starting out, with the decision to return to the age group ranks at 45 yrs of age, was something I always planned on doing since deciding to race in the professional field 4 years ago.  Some may view racing age group as a stepping stone to becoming professional, but at my age (good Lord..), I viewed racing pro, as a stepping stone to becoming all what I could become, as an athlete.  So, when I did step back into the age group division, I had many diverse
  3. Things We Can Learn From Injury
    16 Jul, 2017
    Things We Can Learn From Injury
    Being in sport, especially triathlon, requires much from the body.  We do what we can to recover well, rest, prehab before we rehab, foam roll, stretch; but sometimes, injury creeps up, and BAM, the season has been diverted or finished before due time.  Our grandeur thoughts and visualizations of an epic race season do not come to culmination, and in fact, will most likely NOT happen.  It will happen to anyone in sport.  I guarantee it.  Things will sideline us from either a short term, or the